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A beautiful yard doesn't happen by itself.

Here's how we can help:

Lawn Care & Yard Maintenance

Lawn Care $185/month (residential). This includes weekly cuts (bagged) and lawn edges trimmed to keep your lawn looking it's finest. Monthly contracts May - September.

  • Commercial & Condo properties inquire for a free quote. 

Yard Clean Up $200 - Power rake, vacuum, aerate, grass cut and basic clean up of leaves and debris.
Hedge & Tree Trimming $150 - Trimming hedges and trees and removal of branches.
Eave Cleaning $120 - Cleaning out eaves and a final rinse to ensure all debris has been removed from drainage areas. 
Rototill $40 (average cost: based on size of area) - Thoroughly working up soil for a clump free garden or prepping a lawn for sod. 
All prices listed are starting rates and may increase due to size of lot or amount of work to be done.
Prices are subject to GST.
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